2 nd International Scientific Conference


Furniture new European skills 2020

New products
for ecological building construction

The ITD carried out projects within
the Innovative Economy Operation Programme (POIG)



Institute’s mission

Wood Technology Institute is the only scientific-research institution in Poland which deals in a comprehensive manner with theoretical and practical issues of wood processing, its application and creation of new composites based on wood.

The Institute’s mission is to conduct research aimed at production of modern materials and improvement of production technologies and processing techniques, which leads to harmonious and sustainable development of the wood industry and to achievement of high international competitiveness of the Polish wood sector.

Through implementation of research results in the form of innovative, energy-saving and hygienic materials using both wood raw material and wood waste, which help to improve the quality of life, have positive influence on the environment and health, and increase the share of renewable energy carriers in the national energy balance, the Institute strives to create modern wood sector which meets the requirements of the 21st century society.




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