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Our scientists go to Silicon Valley

TOP 500 programme - Innovators Science - Management - Commercialization

In 2011 Ministry of Science and Higher Education commenced implementation of the biggest in history internship programme for people conducting scientific research and dealing with commercialization of its results. During the 6 years of execution of the project „Top 500 Innovators - Science - Management - Commercialisation" 500 scientists will benefit from foreign trainings, including two scientists from the Wood Technology Institute who embarked on the programme this year.

The programme is intended for Polish scientists and employees of technology transfer centres who commercialise research results. Its main objective is to raise the qualifications of Polish R&D personnel in the field of co-operation with economy, management of scientific research and commercialisation of its results. It is assumed that a project on such a large scale should help making the most of national and European finances for research in order to ensure transfer of its results to economy.

Nine-week internship programmes at the world's best universities (e.g. Stanford University, University of California in Berkeley or University of Cambridge) are fully financed by the Ministry under the Human Capital Operational Programme and the total budget for the project amounts to PLN 35 M. The institutions that receive interns are near the top in Shanghai ranking of worldwide recognised universities ranked based on a series of criteria, among which high quality of education and efficient technology transfer play an important role.

In the third edition of the programme in 2013, among the 160 participants of the programme, the winning contestants, are two scientists from the Wood Technology Institute - Dominika Janiszewska, PhD (Eng) and Zbigniew Karaszewski, PhD (Eng).

During the internship in Silicon Valley they will have the opportunity to look into the operation of foreign companies, in which commercialization of research result is of vital importance, meet with entrepreneurs and venture capital representatives, as well as verify and enrich their ideas as regards their research scope and methods. The workshops, seminars and lectures conducted by world-class experts, with experience in science and business sectors, will acquaint them with the principles of design thinking, prototyping culture, technology evaluation, intellectual property, gaining external funding, and commercialization of their research results.


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