Consequences of integration of Poland into the European Union for the wood industry companies

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Collective work
Poznań, Instytut Technologii Drewna, 1999
ISBN 83-909723-4-4

(Polish language version)


Introduction 1
Renata Stawarska: Integration into the European Union – opportunities and threats to Polish wood companies 3
Wladyslaw Strykowski: Innovations as a basis of a company’s success on the EU market 21
Andrzej Zatorski: Quality promotion policy in the Polish industry 41
Izabela Kakol: Ecology in the European Union regulations and wood company management 47
Barbara Krzyskow: Health and safety at work in the European Union legislation and Polish legislation 51
Mariusz Dabrowski: Machine safety in light of the European Union requirements 65
Edward Pepke: Wood promotion in the European forest-wood sector 79
Ewa Ratajczak: The forest-wood sector in Poland and the European Union – similarities and differences 95
Kazimierz Jabłonski: Assessment of sawmill industry adjustment to the European Union standards 113
Jerzy Malowaniec: Assessment of builder’s carpentry and joinery industry adjustment to the European Union standards 121
Maria Antoni Hikiert: Assessment of wood-based panels industry adjustment to the European Union standards 127
Maciej Formanowicz: Furniture industry with respect to the European Union requirements 145