Foresight in wood science and industry - Poland 2020

Ewa Ratajczak, Gabriela Bidzińska, Aleksandra Szostak,  Magdalena Herbeć  
Poznań, Instytut Technologii Drewna, 2011
ISBN  978-83-925432-6-8

(Polish language version)

Complimentary publication, issued within the framework of the project
"Foresight in the wood science and industry - research development scenarios in Poland till 2020"


Introductions 5
1. Foresight in wood science and industry - why? 11
    1.1. Foresight - concept, types and importance   13 
    1.2. Aim, object and scope of the project   17 
    1.3. Tasks of the project and their execution   23 
    1.4. Methods and research instruments of the project 27 
    1.5. Actions aiding execution of the project 31 
2. Science sphere and innovativeness in wood industry - synthesis of research
    2.1. Science progress in wood industry 37 
    2.2. Innovativeness of wood sector - synthetic assessment of status quo  47 
    2.3. Sphere of science and research in wood industry 75 
           2.3.1. Wood science as a scientific discipline  75 
           2.3.2. Research institutions and staff potential  78 
3. Scientific research development scenarios in wood industry in Poland
     by 2020 - synthesis of results
4. Prospects of the development of science and research in wood industry
     versus innovativeness of the wood sector in Poland by 2020
    4.1. Methodology of evaluation of the influence of scientific research related to wood
           industry on innovative development of the wood sector 
    4.2. The influence of priority lines of scientific research in wood industry
          on innovativeness of the wood sector in Poland by 2020
Conclusions  165 
Source materials   169