Innovativeness of the wood sector in Poland

Ewa Ratajczak, Gabriela Bidzińska, Aleksandra Szostak, Joanna Pikul-Biniek, Marta Lorenc-Michalska
Poznań, Instytut Technologii Drewna, 2009
ISBN 978-83-925432-4-4 

(Polish language version)

Complimentary publication, issued within the framework of the project
"Foresight in the wood science and industry - research development scenarios in Poland till 2020"


Introduction 5
1. Innovations and innovativeness - concepts and measures  17
    1.1. The concept of innovations and innovativeness  19
    1.2. Types of innovations   23 
    1.3. Innovativeness measures 29 
2. Innovativeness level of he Polish economy compared to international levels    39 
3. The wood sector and its specificity 47 
    3.1. The specificity of the wood sector as an economy branch 49 
    3.2. The place of the wood sector in Poland and in the European Union 61 
4. A diagnosis of the innovativeness of the Polish wood sector    67 
    4.1. The innovation activity of the wood sector in the light of statistical data 
           and empirical research
           4.1.1. The activity of the wood sector in the innovation sphere 69 
           4.1.2. The results of the wood sector's innovation activity 81 
           4.1.3. Barriers to innovation activity of the wood sector 84 
    4.2. New trends in the wood sector's innovativeness 89 
           4.2.1. Techniques and technologies 91 
           4.2.2 Wood materials and products 99 
5. Key conditions of the growth of innovativeness of the wood sector in Poland 103 
    5.1. Innovativeness determinants  105 
    5.2. General determinants of the wood sector's innovativeness  111 
    5.3. Factors of innovative development of the wood sector  115 
          5.3.1. Factors of innovative development of the wood sector resulting from its  
                   strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for and threats to it (SWOT
          5.3.2. Factors of the wood sector's innovativeness present in its macroenvironment
                   (PEST analysis)
     5.4. Development of science and research in the wood industry as a determinant
          of the wood sector's innovativeness
Conclusion 151 
Literature  155 
Other source materials  165