Scientific progress in the wood industry

Ewa Ratajczak, Gabriela Bidzińska, Aleksandra Szostak,  Magdalena Herbeć, Marta Lorenc-Michalska  
Poznań, Instytut Technologii Drewna, 2010
ISBN  978-83-925432-5-1

(Polish language version)

Complimentary publication, issued within the framework of the project
"Foresight in the wood science and industry - research development scenarios in Poland till 2020"


Introductions 5
1. Scientific progress - basic concepts 13
2. Conditions of scientific progress in the wood industry in Europe and
     in the world
3. Key global and European research lines desired in the Polish science
     concerning wood industry
4. Possibilities of diffusion to Polish circumstances of the most important
     European and global trends in scientific progress in the wood industry
Conclusions  73 
Literature  77 
Other source materials  79