The work of the Wood Technology Institute YEAR XL - ISSUE 1/2 (145/146) 1996

Out-of-print edition. Available in ITD’s reading room.

ISSN 0032-6240



E. Urbanik. J. Zabielska-Matejuk: New quaternary ammonium chlorides for wood preservation 3
A. Noskowiak: Consolidated boards from pine sawdust bonded with plastomers 10
Z. Krzoska-Adamczak, J. Banecki, E. Urbanik: The effect of the selected physical agents on the adherence of paper foil with a glue film 33
A. Fojutowski: Fir retardant protection of waterproof plywood. Part II. Effectiveness of action of salt fire retarding preparations applied in aqueous solutions 45
A. Fojutowski: Fire retardant protection of waterproof plywood. Part III. Fire retarding impregnation of plywood 58