The work of the Wood Technology Institute YEAR XLI – ISSUE 1/2 (149/150) 1997

Out-of-print edition. Available in ITD’s reading room.

ISSN 0032-6240



S. Spława-Neyman, W. Pazdrowski, S. Małecki, Z. Owczarzak: Properties of larch wood from 21 provenances in Poland 3
W. Jabłoński, S. Proszyk, M. Jóźwiak: Studies on surface properties of modified exterior plywood 23
J. Zabielska-Matejuk: The effect of the shape of miniaturized experimental samples on the rate of wood breakdown, fungicidal value and leaching properties of the preparation of CCB type 33
A. Fojutowski: Fire retardant protection of waterproof plywood. Part IV. Thermal decomposition of the phosphate-ammonium fire retardant preparation, plywood and melamine-phenol laminates 47