The work of the Wood Technology Institute YEAR XXXIX – ISSUE 1/2 (141/142) 1995

Out-of-print edition. Available in ITD’s reading room.

ISSN 0032-6240



Research publications
A. Szostak, E. Ratajczak, W. Strykowski: Level of modernity in the woodworking industries 3
I. Frąckowiak: Effect of wood buffer capacity on the properties of chipboards. Part 1. Buffer capacity of pine wood from different natural regions and sites, stored for various periods of time 29
S. Spława-Nayman, W. Pazdrowski, S. Małecki, Z. Owczarzak: The properties of European larch (Larix decidua Mill.) wood in dependence upon mother trees 51
H. Wróblewska, M. H. Zieliński: Studies concerning biodelignification of beech and birch wood by two selected white-rote fungi 61
Review article
H. Wróblewska: The potential of biotechnology utilization in wood processing 70