Wood market. Product structure analysis

Out-of-print edition. Available in ITD’s reading room.

Ewa Ratajczak
Poznań, Instytut Technologii Drewna 
ISBN 83-915727-0-6 

(Polish language version)


Introduction 5
1. The wood market as a branch market 13
1.1. Definition of the wood market and theoretical basis of its delimitation 13
1.2. Structures and types of the wood market 22
1.3. Limitations of the product structure analysis of the wood market 34
2. International factors of the wood market analysis methods refinement 43
2.1. The wood market and globalization 43
2.2. Technological progress diffusion in wood processing 60
2.3. International cooperation in the scope of exchange of information on the wood market 69
3. Transformation of the product structure of the wood market in Poland in 1990-1999 period 77
3.1. Methodical principles of the analysis 77
3.2. Raw wood material market 80
3.3. Wood materials market 88
3.4. Wood products market 98
4. The wood equivalents system as a tool of the wood market analysis 109
4.1. Core and definition of the wood equivalents system 109
4.2. General construction principles and elements of the wood equivalents system 113
4.3. Wood equivalents for wood materials and finished products – a method for determination and test results 119
4.4. Conditions of the wood equivalents system efficiency and its more important analytical capabilities 135
4.5. Comparison of the developed wood equivalents system and a system used in Germany 142
5. Product structure analysis of the wood market in Poland in the 1995-1999 period with the use of the wood equivalent system 149
5.1. Methodical remarks 149
5.2. Poland’s balance of wood (and its derivatives) 152
5.3. Foreign trade in wood and wood products 156
5.4. Consumption of wood and products based on wood 173
Conclusions 181
Appendix 187
Bibliography 269
Other source materials 279
List of figures 281
List of tables 282
List of appendices 284